Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevator are made in galvanized steel or mild steel (depending on customer requirements). Bucket Elevator consists of series of buckets mounted on a chain or belt operation overhead and foot wheels. Elevator Buckets are manufactured using pressed steel of high resistance and without welding. These have round corner, which makes discharge of the materials easy. The elevators are designed to be stable, even in tall versions and are capable of running continuously for many hours. They are supplied with direct mounted geared motors or with V Belt pulley drive.

- Elevators are available in any height complete with top bottom and intermediate casing.
- Capacity is calculated based on 0.6 g/cc density and 50 % bucket occupancy.
- Capacity will vary as per the type of material conveyed
- Casing size can be changed as per the capacity requirements as desired by the customer

Model No. *Capacity Casing Size of Elevating Boxes Bucket Size Power Requirements
NTYBE 1 20TPH 330*280 9"x6"x5" 2H.P. 440V, 50Hz AC
NTYBE 2 24TPH 400*280 10"x6"x5" 2H.P. 440V, 50Hz AC
NTYBE 3 30TPH 450*300 12"x6"x5" 2H.P. 440V, 50Hz AC
NTYBE 4 40TPH 450*350 14"x7"x5" 2H.P. 440V, 50Hz AC

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