Seed Cleaner (High Capacity)

NITYA ENGINEERS Seed Cleaner is specially designed keeping the requirements of the customer and the seed being cleaned.

We design Seed Cleaner in 3-4 sections(depending on the seed) where each section does cleaning.

Normally in the 1st and 2nd Section light sand and dust is cleaned off and in the 3rd section heavy dust particles are cleaned off. In the 4th section, the collection of the seeds takes place. Even thicker dust particles than the seed are cleaned off after the 4.

Outlets are provided for collecting the unwanted particles below each section.

There is also presence of blower arrangement on top of the Seed Cleaner which will take away the light dust particles floating in the cleaner providing you with a cleaner seed ready to be transported for extraction.

Sections Dimensions (Ft) Capacity Power Seed suitable
4 3.5 x 3.5 x 13 6 TPH 5 H.P. Motor for Seed Cleaner Soya bean 2 H.P. Motor for Blowers (optional)
3.5 x 3.5 x 10 3.5 TPH 5 H.P. Motor for Seed Cleaner Cotton 2 H.P. Motor for Blowers (optional)

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