Hammer Mill

Hammer Mills are also known as Disintegrators. As the name suggests, a hammer mill is a machine which is used for grinding almost all types of free flowing material. The hammer mill operates on the principle that most of materials will grind or crush upon the impact of swinging hammers. The material is feed in to hammer mill from the top and falls in to grinding chamber by gravity where it gets hammered. It crushes the material into smaller pieces for proper expelling.

We manufacture and develop Hammer Mills that are an integral part of the oil mill plant and oil extraction process. These hammer mills are mainly used for Copra, Palm Kernel, Soyabean etc.
Major Advantages of using our Oil Milling Hammer Mills

- It provides efficient grinding at the most shortest time, which saves human labour as well as time.
- Increases the quality level of the seeds by a large ratio.
- Fabricated to have a strong and sturdy body.
- Leads to maximum extraction of oil.
- The beating of the seeds can be adjusted and controlled as per the user's requirement.
- Very easy to use simple technology leading to increased output by saving time and energy.
- Needs negligible maintenance.

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