Neutralizer Refinery

Oil Refinery

We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying a diversified range of Solvent Plants and Refinery. Designed with utmost care, these Solvent Plants and Refineries are widely used in various oil extraction industries. One can avail these in various capacities of from 1 MT per day to 1000 MT per day. These are ideal to generate high PDI value meal in both low temperature flash desolventising and desolventisation systems. Our machines are ideal to use for all type of seeds including bran, oil cake and seeds.

Neutralizer Refinery

Fats and oils consist of mixtures of different triglycerides (Esters of glycerol, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids). Crude fats and oils produced by expeller screw press or solvent extraction contain non glyceride impurities. The most important and useful method completely reduces the free fatty acid in the oil is by converting them into oil-insoluble soaps. There is also removal of some impurities from oil by direct absorption. By virtue of this process many impurities of treated oil can be reduced.

Batch Neutralizer is controlling the minimum loss of oil during neutralizing. It consists of robust built cylindrical shell bodies with steep conical bottom. There are several atomizers fitted at the top of neutralizer for proper dispersing of caustic lye and hot water for water washing. The neutralizer capacity is designed for processing oil and fats with higher free fatty acid for quicker heating to desired temperature and for effective separation of soap stock. Motor gearboxes are fitted to suit continuous rating and gives trouble free life long service.

It is a must for castor and cotton seed oil.

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