Filter Presses

We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Filter Processing Machine. We engineer these devices, under strict supervision of experts, having years of experience. Durable range of these products is made using premium quality raw materials. We offer these Filtration Machineries in various sizes and capacities as per the specifications of our clients. Our product range includes, Filter Press Machinery, Duplex Pump and Boiler.

Filter Presses are very extensively used in oil mills, chemical works etc. Our filter presses are most suitable for cleaning oil drawn from the different expelling plants. The filtering capacity varies with the viscosity of the oil, liquids & with the amount of sediment contained therein. Filter press consists of chiefly C.I. square plates. mounted parallel on heavy flat M.S. Plates fixed on heavy cast iron stand. All filter presses are supplied with Air Vessel, Filter Cloth, C.I. Cocks, Oil Tray & best quality motor driven Plunger Pump. The oil or liquid pressed by a pump passes through filter cloth fitted to either side of each plate. All impurities are retained by the filter cloth, the filtered oil leaves the chamber through cocks fitted to each plate & flows where it is collected.

Technical Data Of Filter Presses
Size Wt. of Filter Press (Kgs) Filtration Area (Sq. Mtrs) Capacity (Liters/Day) H.P. No. of Piston Size of Plunger Pump
36"x36"x36" Plates 8000 30 40000 7.5 Double 80mm
30"x30"x30" Plates x 29 Frames 5500 18 25000 7.5 Double 80mm
30"x30"x30" Plates 4400 18 25000 5 Single 80mm
24"x24"x24" Plates x 23 Frames 3000 10 10000 5 Double 60mm
24"x24"x30 Plates 2750 15 12500 5 Double 60mm
24"x24"x24 Plates 2350 10 10000 3 Single 60mm
18"x18"x18 Plates 1100 4 5000 2 Single 40mm
14"x14"x14 Plates 650 2 3500 2 Single 40mm
12"x12"x12 Plates 380 1.5 2500 1 Single 30mm

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