Mini Oil Mill Plant Installation

Oil Mill Machinery for Mini Oil Mill Plants

Edible Oil Mill Machinery : Cooking Oil Mill Machinery : Vegetable Oil Mill Machinery

Salient Features of Cooking Oil Mill Machinery

- Machinery is suitable for crushing all types of oilseeds whether edible for getting cooking oil or non edible.
- Filtration of oil is better than bigger oil mill giving transparent pure natural & "at a stretch convincing" appearance to the oil.
- Decorticator has special provision for shelling groundnut for seed purpose without breakage.
- Yield of oil is as high as big mills because of highly scientific worm sequence inside the chamber cage.
- Maintenance expenses are negligible. Diesel consumption in engine is only 1.25 litre per hour.
- Technology is so simple that person can be trained only in 3 days to operate the mill.
- Video cassette is provided with every export mill to explain operation, maintenance, names of components, dismantling, assembling etc.

Oil Extraction of Different Oil Seeds

Typical oil extraction from 100 kg. of best oil seeds will be as under


Salient Facilities in Oil Expeller - Oil Mill Machinery

- Oil Expeller Chamber cage opens on hinges simply by tilting of chamber halves. Ease of maintenance.
- Thickness of cake can be changed while running of oil expeller. This is unique facility. It enable to find and adjust cone at the point of optimum.
- Oil pump is now integral part of the oil expeller and hence no separate pump required.
- No foundation is require as foundation frame is supplied. So installation of oil mill is quicker and faster. Also you can shift the machine from one place to another as and when required.
- 6 tapper roller bearing make oil expeller very sturdy and durable. No ball bearing fitted any where.
- As oil expeller is very compact, it is economical to import by air freight.

Basic Requirements for installation of Vegetable oil mill machinery

Shed: About 300 sq. ft. 15' X 20' (5 mtr. X 6 mtr.)
Manpower: Only two persons, one skilled and other unskilled.
Capital: As per proforma invoice + working capital.
Power: Expeller runs by 10 H.P. Electric Motor OR 12 H.P. Diesel Engine (if electricity not available).

Some Explanations for cooking oil mill machinery

- Highly experienced oil mill operator can extract oil without cooking from some oilseeds such as rape seeds, cottonseed, sesame, sunflower, copra etc. For Groundnut, Palm kernel, Castor seed, cooking is essential.
- Refining of oil is not required. Filtered oil is best for health. Filter oil has minimum 18 months shelf life. However, cottonseed oil requires refining or at least neutralizing.
- Castor seed oil requires steam heating in a neutralizer vessel before filtration.
- For palm fruits, our conventional expeller will not be useful. Special kind of oil expeller with different design is provided for palm fruits and such expeller specially for palm fruits is not useful for any other oilseeds.

Function of Oil Mill Machinery

- Groundnut 'Decorticator' shells the groundnut into husks and kernels. Husks are thrown away by built in air blower and kernels are screened to separate split kernels from whole kernels. Runs on 2 H.P. Motor. 100 kg. groundnut gives about 73 kg kernels & 27 kg husks.
- Sunflower cracker breaks the sunflower seeds and gives the mixture of kernels & husks for crushing. Runs on 2 H.P. Motor.
- Palm nut cracker breaks the palm nuts & gives the palm kernels & husks. Runs on 2 H.P. Motor.
- Copra cutter breaks the copra cups into small pieces suitable for crushing into expeller. Runs on 5 H.P. Motor.
- Cooking kettle heats and cooks the kernels or oilseeds by outer steam or by electricity. A little steam / water is also added to the oilseeds to increase moisture content to optimum level. Kettle is mounted on the oil expeller and is driven from oil expeller.
- Oil expeller crushes oilseeds producing oil and oil cake.
- Filter press filters the oil. Filtered oil is completely pure and fresh natural edible oil.
- Boiler provides process steam to the cooking kettle. Husks are used as fuel in the boiler. Any agricultural waste or wood can be used. Water feed pump is mounted on the boiler itself. Boiler is not required if electrical kettle is used.
- Neutralizer removes free fatty acids from cottonseed oil by adding caustic soda. It is driven by 1 H.P. Motor. Castor oil also can be heated into neutralizer by steam coils inside the neutralizer.

Details of the oil mill machinery

Sr. No. Name of Equipment Capacity Net Weight Volume Cu. Mt.
1 OIL EXPELLER 125 Kg / hour 500 Kg 1.60 Cu. mt.
2 COOKING KETTLE 125 Kg / hour 150 Kg 0.70 Cu. mt.
3 OIL FILTER PRESS -16" X 16" - 12 PLATES 200 Lit. / hour 450 Kg 0.80 Cu. mt.
4 BABY BOILER 50 Kg steam / hour 260 Kg 1.00 Cu. mt.
5 GROUNDNUT DECORTICATOR 300 Kg / hour 200 Kg 2.80 Cu. mt.
6 SUNFLOWER CRACKER / PALMNUT CRACKER 300 Kg / hour 65 Kg 0.30 Cu. mt.
7 COPRA CUTTER 300 Kg / hour 200 Kg 0.60 Cu. mt.
8 NEUTRALISER 300 / 1000 Ltr / batch 180 / 450 Kg 1.0 / 3.0 Cu. mt.

Some Benefit of establishing oil mill machinery in Village

- It encourages rural development as wealth and self-employment jobs are generated in villages.
- It saves transport expenses for carrying oilseeds to cities and bringing oil from cities.
- Costly packing expenses can be saved because of refilling can be done.
- It gives make pure, fresh natural oil available to villagers from their own oilseeds jobwork basis so villagers get oil at most competitive rates. It minimizes the incidence of tax and scope of adulteration.
- Selling directly to consumers eliminate maximizes profit to oil miller.
- It encourages animal husbandry by making oilcake available as best cattlefeed. It increases milk production considerably because of residual oil in cake.

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