Oil Seed Cracker

There are many different seeds that contain a considerable amount of oil in it. The seeds are allowed to undergo the seed cleaning process inorder to make the optimum use of them. An oil seed cracker is an important machine which finds a place in the oil mill plant. We all know that all the oil seeds are not the same in size. Oil seed crackers are used to reduce the size of the seeds and make them even.

Our Tinytech Oil Seed Cracker is necessary for the seed cracking process and makes the oil seeds into proportionate size. The oil seed cracker machine is useful as it saves a lot of time and human effort. It even helps in increasing the output by large quantity.

The seed cracker machine has a unique design. It can be used for cracking various oilseeds such as soyabean, rapeseed, mustard seed, sunflower, palm kernels, groundnut and many more. The seed to be cracked into smaller pieces is fed through the feeder opening. The cracked seeds come out from the opening duct. They now have the uniformity in size and can be easily used in expellers or mechanical presses to extract the maximum oil.

Sunflower Cracker

We manufacture Sunflower Cracker that is used to break the seeds and is used to produce a mix of kernels and husks required for crushing. Our Sunflower Cracker is highly demanded due to its efficient performance by worldwide clients.

The same machine can also be used as a palm nut cracker to crack the nuts of the palm fruit.

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