Nitya Engineers is a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of oil mill machinery Turnkey Projects to worldwide countries. They offer a wide range of oil expellers, oil extraction machines, oil plant machinery or oil mill machines, seed preparation machinery i.e. Seed Cleaner, Copra Cutter, Hammer Mill, Oil Seed Cracker, Seed Cleaner (High Capacity), Decorticator, Destoner, Steam Boiler etc., oil filter press machines for example Filter Presses, Filter Pump, Pressure Leaf Filter, Membrane Filter Press etc., plant automation bucket elevator & screw conveyors, oil refinery like Neutralizer Refinery, Batch Refinery, Continuous Oil Refinery, Bio Diesel Plant, Solvent Extraction Plant, Oil Expeller Spares and related equipment etc. in Tehran Iran. The company has a strong global presence and exports their Oil Expeller products to various countries.

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Oil Expeller Machines / Oil Extracting Machinery in Tehran Iran

All kinds of seeds can be crushed as per details given below:

Filter Press Machinery in Tehran Iran

We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Filter Processing Machine. We engineer these devices, under strict supervision of experts, having years of experience. Durable range of these products is made using premium quality raw materials. We offer these Filtration Machineries in various sizes and capacities as per the specifications of our clients. Our product range includes, Filter Press Machinery, Duplex Pump.

Seeds Preparation Machinery in Tehran Iran

A good Seed preparation is very critical to good extraction. Oils seeds are first cleaned and the destoned before processing. The cleaned seeds are then cracked in Cracking mills having specially designed rolls.

Plant Automation Machinery in Tehran Iran

To provide maximum customer satisfaction we are successfully offering effective solutions to varied industries to make their plant and machinery. Our plant automation service helps the industries to make their work more systematic that further increases their efficiency.

Oil Refinery in Tehran Iran

NITYA ENGINEERS offers two different process for refining edible oils and oil refining fats: Physical and Chemical. The selection of oil refining process depends on the type and quality of crude oil to be processed. Oil refineries are large scale plants, processing about a hundred thousand to several hundred thousand barrels of crude oil a day. In many ways, oil refining process utilizes much of the technology of, and can be thought of as types of chemical plants. The crude oil feedstock has typically been processed by an oil production plant.

NITYA ENGINEERS is a leading Expeller Manufacturer in India and offers all equipments that could be required by any vegetable oil physical refinery and oil refining process. Batch and Continuous Systems are supplied in both oil refining process and oil refining facts.

Solvent Extraction Plant in Tehran Iran

Nitya Engineers are the manufacturers & exporters of Solvent Extraction Plant in Tehran Iran

Oil Expeller Spares Parts in Tehran Iran

Nitya Engineers are the manufacturers & exporters of Oil Expeller Spares in Tehran Iran. Being a client oriented organization; we are involved in manufacturing and supplying a diversified range of Oil Mill Spares. Products offered by us are made following international industry standards, and using the best quality raw materials including EN- 8, EN- 353, EN- 24, alloy steel and other raw materials. Wear resistant range of these Oil Mill Spares is widely acclaimed for their high durability, noise free operation and rust resistant quality. These have excellent heat distortion control, vibration free operation and dimensional accuracy. Products offered by us includes in various ranges of Conveyor Chain, Double Sprocket Chain, Pressing Worms, Head Gudgeon, Cooler Chain, Worm Shaft, Rotary Valve, Roller Bearings, Collars and various others.
Nitya Engineers are manufacturers & exporters of complete Oil Mill Plant Machinery Projects Installation in Tehran Iran. Our Plants caters to both small-scale and large-scale oil mill processing plants requirements. Vegetable Oil Plant, Edible Oil Plant, Mustard Oil Mill Plant, Canola Oil Plant, Rapeseed Oil Plant, Coconut Oil Plant, Soyabean Oil Plant, Sunflower Oil Plant, Cotton Seed Oil Plant, Jatropha Oil Plant, Palm seed Oil Plant, Groundnut / Peanut Oil Plant, Corn Germ Oil Plant, Sesame Oil Plant and other Seeds and Nuts Oil Plant / Mill. Nitya Engineers specialize in the design and production of various oil processing equipment, including oil expellers, seed cleaning machinery, oil refining plants, Oil expellers, oilseed preparation equipment, and solvent extraction plants. The company serves clients globally and is known for its high-quality oil plant machinery.

For any Query / Enquiry, Please Contact us or WhatsApp: +91-98726-11911, +91-79866-07668

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اکسپلر روغن، تولیدکنندگان ماشین آلات کارخانه آسیاب روغن صادرکنندگان در تهران ایران

مهندسین نیتیا تولید کننده و صادر کننده کامل پروژه های نصب ماشین آلات کارخانه روغن کشی در تهران ایران می باشد. کارخانه های ما نیازهای کارخانه های فرآوری روغن در مقیاس کوچک و مقیاس بزرگ را برآورده می کند. گیاه روغن نباتی، گیاه روغن خوراکی، گیاه آسیاب روغن خردل، گیاه روغن کانولا، گیاه روغن کلزا، گیاه روغن نارگیل، گیاه روغن سویا، گیاه روغن آفتابگردان، گیاه روغن دانه پنبه، گیاه روغن جاتروفا، گیاه روغنی دانه خرما، بادام زمینی / بادام زمینی گیاه روغن، گیاه روغن جوانه ذرت، گیاه روغن کنجد و سایر دانه‌ها و آجیل‌ها کارخانه روغن / آسیاب. مهندسین نیتیا در طراحی و تولید تجهیزات مختلف فرآوری روغن، از جمله دستگاه های تخلیه روغن، ماشین آلات تمیز کردن بذر، کارخانه های پالایش روغن، تخلیه کننده های روغن، تجهیزات آماده سازی دانه های روغنی و کارخانه های استخراج حلال تخصص دارند. این شرکت در سطح جهانی به مشتریان خدمات ارائه می دهد و به دلیل ماشین آلات کارخانه نفت با کیفیت بالا شناخته شده است.